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Building and operating a biogas development is a complex project. That’s why it’s essential you work with an experienced team.

We’re the leaders in anaerobic digestion systems and biogas fuelled power station installations, offering complete, end-to-end service.

We’ve completed many successful installations in the pig, poultry and food processing industries.

We offer two different project delivery models, depending on what works best for your business:

Build, own and operate system – We build, fund, own, operate and maintain the biogas to energy system and sell electricity to you at a discount to your grid supplied cost under a long-term power purchase agreement.

Turnkey solution – We build the entire biogas to energy system including the digester and generator/boiler and you purchase and operate the completed system. We also provide maintenance services to our turnkey clients.

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Quantum Power and its associates deliver complete design, construction and installation services for anaerobic

Quantum Power has an experienced team of consultants and advisors who have a thorough understanding of

Quantum Power has exclusive distribution rights to a range of high quality, purpose built biogas generators.

Quantum Power has successfully completed a number of biogas projects across arrange of industries.
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